It Happens only In China


China, now is the world’s leading power. It has grown over the decades in almost every field of life. From economic growth, to its population, china has bypassed almost every other nation. Along with this immense growth, came several unique moments that were made possible by Chinese people. Luckily some of these unique and somewhat funny instances were captured on camera. We have prepared a compilation of 20 such amazing moments that could have only been possible in China. Don’t forget to see 13th one, its mind blowing:  

  1. 1 Every time I get to the bus stop..

  2. 2 Because regular parking is too mainstream

  3. 3 And you thought your job was rough!

  4. 4 I sink he slipin


  5. 5 Lazy Pandas are a myth!

  6. 6 Improvised frying pans

  7. 7 Is this some stunt Lacoste is trying to pull on us?

  8. 8 I guess there's free food inside

  9. 9 Stop talking and take my money!

  10. 10 Let's 'cruise' our way home kids..

  11. 11 Wedding plan? Ain't nobody got time for that!

  12. 12 One day, these hair will change the world

  13. 13 The Bat Cave (China version)

  14. 14 My kinda Monday

  15. 15 When you get roasted in a group chat

  16. 16 This looks like a Mathematics problem

  17. 17 When you Just CANT Do it..

  18. 18 Oh Sher Khan.. how the mighty have fallen..

  19. 19 Hand made surround sound

  20. 20 When you start making buildings about what you love the most.



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