Inventions That Will Make Your Life More Funny


The geniuses of this world are always misunderstood. That’s partly because they’ll fail a lot before they succeed. The only thing that probably separates them from the rest of us is that they’re not afraid to fail or experiment. They’ll come up with all sorts of absurd and hilarious inventions to experiment with different solutions. Ever thought of using the toilet seat as a bike? Someone did. They thought out of the box, whether it makes sense to you or not is another story. The world is full of many such inventions. 


Listed In this post are 20 crazy inventions are actually quite hilarious. Scroll down and enjoy:

  1. 1 Towels are not boring anymore!

  2. 2 Funny pacifier: Who wouldn't love to have one like this for their kids?!

  3. 3 Hairy stockings anyone?!

  4. 4 Who doesn't want slippers with beer opener?!


  5. 5 Lending a hand in the kitchen!

  6. 6 Because a wad of tissue in your pocket would look stupid, so buy a Head Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser!

  7. 7 Sweat-heart sweet-shirt!

  8. 8 This eye protection things!

  9. 9 Would you ever wear these “Picnic Pants”?

  10. 10 You can still smile at your friends while sipping on your coffee!

  11. 11 A spiky shower curtain that kicks you our after five minutes to save water

  12. 12 For all stay-at-home dads out there...!

  13. 13 Portable toilet seat!

  14. 14 A special leash so you can walk your goldfish

  15. 15 Where there's a will, there's a way

  16. 16 You don't have to risk burning your mouth on hot noodles ever again.

  17. 17 Weird and funny office gadget!

  18. 18 Motorcycle helmets that look like shaved heads

  19. 19 Crazy cell phone cases

  20. 20 Scented candles that look like human body parts will haunt your dreams


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