28 Internet Photoshop Trolls Making Hilarious Masterpieces


The internet is a wonderful place.

It is loaded with all sorts of hilarious stuff. If you know where to go, you’re never going to get bored online. One of the popular genres of humor found online are hilarious photos edited and posted by Photoshop trolls.

You must have seen such photos popping up on your timelines quite frequently. We have collected 13 such photos in this post and they’re sure to make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 There ain't no ice bergs in the jungle

  2. 2 The sleeping beauty

  3. 3 Better not take that route

  4. 4 Representing USA in gymnastics is Mrs. Kitty Johnson


  5. 5 I have the polar bear likes Vanila

  6. 6 Keanu takes happiness out of every creature

  7. 7 Because Putin can

    reddit | imgur

  8. 8 Rambo 3

  9. 9 What cake? I didn't eat the cake.

  10. 10 Who does it better?

  11. 11 The true child of Asgard

  12. 12 Could easily win the floor

  13. 13 Sleeping like this may cause the FBI to show up at your doorstep

  14. 14 Ever heard of "Jumping out of the underpants"?

  15. 15 Semi automatic Kitty-47

  16. 16 Only if the statue could come to life

  17. 17 He's got help

  18. 18 The child of the jungle

  19. 19 Nobody lies to the judge alright?

  20. 20 May I interest you in buying this novel?

  21. 21 Queen Frogy

  22. 22 What actually happens vs What I see

  23. 23 Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear napkins too.

  24. 24 My puppy's reaction to everything

  25. 25 Place your bets

  26. 26 Don't let the bush get wet

  27. 27 Give him an Oscar already

  28. 28 My dog only has one expression


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