20+ Interesting Facts About Canada


Canada is the world’s sweetheart. And that’s not just because of their dashing president, the country is overall a safe haven for its residents and refugees alike.

Canadians are known for their warm and kind demeanor which starkly contrasts the cold Canadian climate. It is almost always snowing in most parts of Canada. But Canadians don’t mind they make the most of it.


In this post we have listed up 10 cool facts about life in Canada. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Just a normal morning in Canada

  2. 2 Welcome to Canada

  3. 3 People in Canada don't know whats Hot Coffee

  4. 4 When Canadians cant wait for spring


  5. 5 Even Canada's Prime Minister doesn't know what to wear

  6. 6 Only in Canada!

  7. 7 Your Uber is here!

  8. 8 You never loose your stuff in Canada

  9. 9 Little woolly coat for jaguar hood figure - only in Canada

  10. 10 Canadian beach

  11. 11 Does anyone have a spare?

  12. 12 How Canadians spend their free time

  13. 13 No more worries about snow storm

  14. 14 Things you will only see in Canada

  15. 15 Talking your dog on walk with style

  16. 16 Other countries need to take notes

  17. 17 The most upset man in Canada

  18. 18 Spring in CAnada

  19. 19 How people fill gas in Canada

  20. 20 What happens in US stays in US

  21. 21 Canadians deserve to eat Ice Creams too

  22. 22 Canadians love those places where they cant find Americans

  23. 23 Restaurant bills in Canada

  24. 24 Theft in Canada

  25. 25 People of Canada are really from another planet

  26. 26 Road Accidents in Canada

  27. 27 People of Canada when they or not playing hockey

  28. 28 Graffiti in Canada

  29. 29 They know how to keep their citizens happy

  30. 30 Canada can be a good place to get drunk


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