22 Hilarious Photos of Instant Karma


Karma can be a b*tch, they say. But is it really? Some say it’s actually revenge served duly to the offenders who won’t respect the laws of nature. Now that’s actually fun, and it is literally the taste of sweet satisfaction. 


Don’t take our word for it. Just look at these photos. They’ll make you feel good. After you’re doing scrolling through the images, you’re guaranteed to have a smile on your face. So Scroll on, and taste the sweetness of instant karma peeps!

  1. 1 Guess What Happens Next??…

  2. 2 You just killed my best friend!

  3. 3 Poor her!

  4. 4 That's the Ticket for parking Enforcement!


  5. 5 That's not enough.. Should have ordered big and force him to pay the bill!

  6. 6 The sons of karma anarchy!!

  7. 7 He got a taste of his own medicine!

  8. 8 Excellent Cheat Sheet!!

  9. 9 Ouch!!

  10. 10 Why didn't you offer me this pizza at first?

  11. 11 Shouldn't have parked it there!

  12. 12 When you don't read the warning signs!

  13. 13 That pretty much described it perfectly!

  14. 14 He must've got the point by now!

  15. 15 Looks really sweet ...

  16. 16 That's how wrong parking should be dealt with!

  17. 17 That's really well done!

  18. 18 That must have taken a lot of time to do!

  19. 19 Get it out of there if you can now!

  20. 20 A bunny and a donkey...awww

  21. 21 These idiots tried to knock me off my kayak and laughed. This is what they were upto when I got back to the beach..karma is a bitch!

  22. 22 Your karma is right behind ya!! RUN.....


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