This Instagram Account Collects Never Seen Before Celebrity Look Alike Photos and It’s Really Shocking


Do you know what a doppelganger is? For those who don’t know, a doppelganger is someone who’s a non-biological look-alike of another person. It’s like having an identical twin, except you’re not related to them. Funny eh? Imagine how awesome it would be to bump into your doppelganger who’s a celebrity?

Every few weeks or so, a celebrity lookalike pops up on social media who leaves everyone stunned. That’s why the ‘Same de la Same’ Instagram community has gained so much popularity recently. The account collects rare, old, candid pictures of celebrities just to show rarely seen celebrity lookalike photos with the entire world. Sometimes it’s one feature, and sometimes it’s a lot of features. Other times it’s an expression, an attitude, or a detail you can’t even really put your finger on. But either way, these photos will leave you shocked because they are strikingly similar to some of your faves! Check out the rare and unseen photographs of celebrity lookalike in the gallery below and prepare to be amazed!


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  1. 1 Shakira

  2. 2 Mila Kunis

  3. 3 Prince Harry

  4. 4 Kim Jong Un


  5. 5 Will Smith

  6. 6 Selena Gomez

  7. 7 Dakota Johnson

  8. 8 Jason Statham

  9. 9 Madonna

  10. 10 Jennifer Lopez

  11. 11 George Clooney

  12. 12 Rihanna

  13. 13 Simon Cowell

  14. 14 Gal Gadot

  15. 15 Kate Moss

  16. 16 Justin Timberlake

  17. 17 Mariah Carrey

  18. 18 Bryan Cranston

  19. 19 Katy Perry

  20. 20 Kim Kardashian

  21. 21 Elton John

  22. 22 Tom Cruise

  23. 23 Daniel Craig

  24. 24 Angelina Jolie

  25. 25 Benedict Cumberbatch

  26. 26 Johnny Depp

  27. 27 John Lennon

  28. 28 Samuel L. Jackson

  29. 29 Charlie Chaplin

  30. 30 Drake

  31. 31 Leo Messi

  32. 32 Robbie Williams

  33. 33 Megan Fox

  34. 34 Kylie Jenner

  35. 35 Angelina Jolie

  36. 36 Meghan Markle


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