Inedible Things Looked Like Food – 30 Forbidden Snacks Photos


Looks can be deceiving, especially when you’re hungry and your imagination gets the better of you. We’ve all been on a point where we feel so hungry at times that everything around starts to looks like food. We get your struggles, folks! Believe us, you are not the only one! It’s pretty annoying to see objects that look like eatables but aren’t. You go to grab an apple from someone’s kitchen table, take a big bite, and chomp into…Styrofoam? Or bite a cake slice that turns out to be a beautiful colored rock? As annoying as it sounds, sometimes it’s fun too when your belly rumbling is causing all your surroundings to resemble last night’s dinner *wink*


In this post, we have listed photos of almost 30 forbidden snacks that will definitely open your eyes. Wonder if the list has a chocolate bar or a slab of clay? A melted cat or a chunk of flour? Scroll down and check them out yourself. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 I thought this pinecone looked like a stack of pancakes, so I made some butter out of some fallen leaves.

  2. 2 Saw this rock and thought it was a cheesecake

  3. 3 Someone spilled a cat in this bucket.

  4. 4 Freshly baked baguette


  5. 5 Too hot dog turned into a rotisserie chicken.

  6. 6 First visit to Fuerteventura, found this beach ten mins drive from our hotel. The rocks look like popcorn

  7. 7 Creamy Latte

  8. 8 Look at this tiny bunch of bananas!

  9. 9 Delicious sushi

  10. 10 Forbidden beer

  11. 11 Forbidden jelly beans (assorted flavours)

  12. 12 Forbidden Ground Beef

  13. 13 Had to stop my wife from drinking this Forbidden Orange Juice.

  14. 14 Cursed Raspberry

  15. 15 I can't believe these are rubber bands, not pasta noodles

  16. 16 I was at work one day when I found this clay in the shelf.....forbidden chocolate for a kid.

  17. 17 The cleaning lady took this from the bathroom and put it in the fridge

  18. 18 Forbidden bacon

  19. 19 The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry pie

  20. 20 This rock that looks like a loaf of bread with a bite taken out

  21. 21 These cool snow swirls on logs that look like ice cream

  22. 22 To get the sauce, you must defeat the Sauce Boss™

  23. 23 Forbidden Ice Cream

  24. 24 Weird place to leave a slice of bread

  25. 25 Forbidden Meat - Rhodochrosite Crystal

  26. 26 This front desk designed as a cooking pot

  27. 27 Forbidden Eggs

  28. 28 Forbidden Sushi

  29. 29 The pavement knows what's up.

  30. 30 Mmmmmm...forest caramels


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