30+ Incredibly Realistic Cake Masterpieces P.S. It’s Hard to Believe You Can Eat Them


Those who are good at making fondant cakes can seriously come up with amazing designs. From various products such as cameras and makeup to even imitations of people themselves, anything is possible.

If you have an event coming up, you should definitely think about surprising your loved ones with a fondant cake. Listed up in this post are some amazing photos of fondant cakes that people have made on various occasions.


Scroll on and find your inspiration peeps. Share this post with your co-planners as well!

  1. 1 Yes, I found it hard to believe that I can eat this much details on the hairs..

  2. 2 Now who would want to eat this little cute puppy?

  3. 3 Not sure if it's protein or fat..

  4. 4 My daughter found it incredibly hard to believe that its a cake..


  5. 5 That's how photographers should celebrate their birthdays..

  6. 6 I would prefer looking at this cake the whole day instead of eating it!

  7. 7 She definitely loved the cake!

  8. 8 We can understand why you find it hard to believe that its a cake..

  9. 9 The kid must have preferred an actual pair of shoes as a gift instead of this cake

  10. 10 I would be a shame to eat this beautiful cake...

  11. 11 I dare you to eat this cake!

  12. 12 Just a regular breakfast cake..

  13. 13 Yes, its not a statue..

  14. 14 Just take my money!

  15. 15 Give this artist a medal for this...

  16. 16 The details!

  17. 17 Everyone had a really hard time believing that this masterpiece is a cake!

  18. 18 You got to have your tools ready...

  19. 19 That's one yummy looking cow!

  20. 20 Can I wear this please?

  21. 21 Yes, the dog is part of the cake..

  22. 22 When watermelon is life!

  23. 23 Rachel must have loved it!

  24. 24 Not sure if that's the cake you would want on your 100th birthday..

  25. 25 A cake for cat lovers!

  26. 26 Even the dog himself must be shocked..

  27. 27 That's one acrobatic cake..

  28. 28 Grandma was so proud!

  29. 29 It's a shame you cant use it...

  30. 30 This will not taste the way you expect it to..

  31. 31 When you want to make your boss happy..

  32. 32 A cake for fish lovers..

  33. 33 Difficult to understand the concept behind it but still looks great..

  34. 34 That's one for the collection!

  35. 35 Yes, I am on diet!

  36. 36 That's surely a masterpiece..


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