Russian Artist Illustrates How Disney Princesses Would Dazzle In Modern Luxury Brands


Disney Princesses have always been the fashion icons for little girls who learn the lessons of compassion, courage and hope from their animated royal role models. These ladies are the epitome of class in their own day and age. However they won’t fit in much on the red carpet in the 21st century. Their attire is gorgeous but it is outdated. 

Russian artist Anastasia Kosyanova didn’t hold up with that. She wanted to see how the princess would look like if they wore modern clothes, so she drew out her vision. Turns out our princesses have timeless class, they can pull off any outfit. They look absolutely gorgeous in a modern attire as well. Anastasia dressed the royal ladies in all the big brands such as Prada and Versace. 


Curious to see the disney princesses in modern brands? Scroll on. You can check out more of Anastasia Kosyanova’s work on the following links: Instagram |

  1. 1 Rapunzel

  2. 2 Cinderella

  3. 3 Merida

  4. 4 Aurora


  5. 5 Mulan

  6. 6 Pocahontas

  7. 7 Moana

  8. 8 Megara

  9. 9 Tinkerbell

  10. 10 Kida

  11. 11 Snow White

  12. 12 Esmeralda

  13. 13 Anna

  14. 14 Elsa

  15. 15 Vanellope

  16. 16 Tiana

  17. 17 Jasmine

  18. 18 Belle

  19. 19 Ariel


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