If Superheroes Had Babies (14 Funny Illustrations)


We are all obsessed with superheroes, aren’t we all? But, Brazil-based artist Lucas Eduardo Nascimento, also known as Dragonarte to his 110k fans on Facebook and over 120k Instagram followers, is a little too obsessed with them. He paints famous superheroes revealing an unexpected side of their personalities, giving us the opportunity to see what their super babies would look like. Curious much? We all are!

For one of his latest projects, Lucas tried to imagine what would happen if our favorite superheroes had babies – and the results are quite hilarious. From Spiderman to batman – these mini versions of superheroes had their own sequel to the famous comics and each one takes after their father while giving major headaches to the nurses. Scroll on the list below and we bet you’ll end up laughing out loud! Enjoy peeps!


More info: dragonarte.com.br | Facebook | Instagram

  1. 1 Spider-Man's Baby

  2. 2 Iron Man's Baby

  3. 3 Fantastic Baby

  4. 4 Aquaman's Baby


  5. 5 Wolverine's Baby

  6. 6 Martian's Baby

  7. 7 Torch's Baby

  8. 8 Hawk's Baby

  9. 9 Alien's Baby

  10. 10 Flash's Baby

  11. 11 Chuck Norris’s Son

  12. 12 Robocop's Baby

  13. 13 Deadpool's Baby

  14. 14 Batman's Baby


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