If Cats Were Giants (30 Amusing Photos)


We all love big, fluffy cats. Don’t we? They are adorable and they have the power to conquer the hearts of many. Cats are also the supreme rulers of the internet because their photos can actually boost your energy and improve your mood. People around the world adore their cute little faces and those who don’t will also agree that they can take over the world anytime with their cuteness and cleverness. Imagine how wonderful it would be if the world was filled with giant cats? Or even better if we could pet a purring three-meter tall feline, all fluffy and friendly?

Russian artist odnoboko makes our wildest dreams come true by imagining the world being surrounded by giant cats. He quite cleverly re-imagined his everyday life as usual but for the giant cats that constantly loom over him, surrounding his every move. Out of his nearly 150 uploaded photos of giant cats online, we have listed the most purrfect ones in the list below. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!


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