Iconic Fails From Graduation


Graduation is one of the most important times of our lives. It is the stepping stone into a whole new world. We all have different reactions to our graduation. Some people laugh and share the joy, others cry over the end of an era. But one thing that is constant for all the graduates is a memorable picture in their graduation gown. It is the picture that will hang in their homes, one that they will come back to for many generations to come. Most people aim to make this moment perfect.  However there are some, who just don’t give a damn. They’ll snap the photo anytime, anywhere and practically with anyone. I guess they just can not believe they graduated. Most of these pictures are completely absurd and fail epically to capture the glory of graduation. 


Over here we have compiled 25 hilarious and iconic fails from graduation photos. Some of these were planned, some happened by sheer coincidence but trust me they’re sure to make you laugh. 

  1. 1 LOL Mark Ross is a proud father

  2. 2 Nature's call doesn't care about your big day!

  3. 3 Straight outta school, straight into jail

  4. 4 When you don't want school to end


  5. 5 Where did he graduate from? Hogwarts?!

  6. 6 Walking into practical life like..

  7. 7 Tripping over the burden of adult life..

  8. 8 At least he tried..

  9. 9 All of you can laugh at my uselessness One Last Time!

  10. 10 Please don't get this photo framed

  11. 11 I have too many questions about this..

  12. 12 When your dad gives zero f**ks about your graduation

  13. 13 When your Graduation day is no clothes day for the little one.

  14. 14 LMAO she got her study loan repayment email DURING her graduation ceremony..

  15. 15 When its graduation day and you just can't keep calm!

  16. 16 Bottoms up!

  17. 17 When everyone's going to college while you just want to be a Cow..

  18. 18 She has reasons to be proud

  19. 19 When your Mohawk is higher than your ambitions

  20. 20 Seems like Koreans have their own way with graduation photos

  21. 21 When you can't wait for the graduation party to start

  22. 22 This is the kinda stuff you hide from your parents

  23. 23 Loan Game= Strong AF!

  24. 24 Witness Me!

  25. 25 Which school did he go to?!


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