30 People Who are Not Afraid of Going Against the Rules and Do What They Like


We’re programmed by society to follow rules even during our childhood. But not everyone succumbs to acceptance. Some people are born to be rebels.

They laugh at the face of authority and enjoy being masters of their own destiny.

Rebels enjoy a glorious life in third world countries where they really have a lot to struggle against. However things aren’t quiet as easy in the first world countries. In places like that, rebels are stuck defying petty signs to satiate their desire for breaking the rules.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of people who’re breaking the rules.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 But she's got three

  2. 2 We've got a badass over here

  3. 3 We will not conform to your t-shirt!

  4. 4 They are finally aware


  5. 5 Deal with it!

  6. 6 This man will not be silenced.

  7. 7 Now you may park

  8. 8 Stuff of the Legends

  9. 9 I don't like your rules

  10. 10 How about we do both

  11. 11 Let's have a chat old school style

  12. 12 What Marina? This Marina?

  13. 13 Gotcha.

  14. 14 What a way to protest

  15. 15 Credits to the makeup artist

  16. 16 DIY Halloween items

  17. 17 It barks for thee

  18. 18 What kind of a joke is this?

  19. 19 Where is the fuel tank?

  20. 20 5 stars for the tie

  21. 21 What will you do about it? Tell on me?

  22. 22 Too late

  23. 23 Im gonna do this one for my country

  24. 24 I am absolutely gonna ball play

  25. 25 You don't tell me what to do

  26. 26 Am I doing it right?

  27. 27 Not taking instructions from a box

  28. 28 You're welcome

  29. 29 I'll need reasons for that

  30. 30 Charlie's no ordinary doggo

  31. 31 My Beer went beyond limits

  32. 32 We've got a badass over here

  33. 33 Replicating the un doable

  34. 34 Can't say no to the cutie

  35. 35 Resist in any way you can


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