42 Hysterical Photos of Weird People Whose Actions are Hard to Explain


Being weird is sometimes good. It allows people to be different from the rest of the world. Such people like to live by their own rules. They do whatever makes them happy without worrying about others.

However, their weirdness can sometimes reach the level of madness. In pursuit of a unique identity, people simply end up being creepy.


Listed here are 42 hilarious photos of people whose actions are hard to explain. These photos are riotously funny and they will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 May the power of the T-Rex lord be with you

  2. 2 This was the guy who took my order at A Taco John’s.

  3. 3 It's a type of therapy

  4. 4 Was just measuring my height


  5. 5 I feel something wet around here fellas

  6. 6 Felt like taking my pet for a walk today

  7. 7 Welcome to DJ Trash's party

  8. 8 Sometimes fashion takes it a little too far

  9. 9 You had one job mate

  10. 10 Workout vibes all around

  11. 11 No hair product can fix this mess

  12. 12 Should I be worried?

  13. 13 This must be a struggle

  14. 14 What a unique way to put all your stuff on sale

  15. 15 That's my taste in shoes. Nothing too fancy.

  16. 16 Can't get enough of it

  17. 17 If my girlfriend was a wall clock

  18. 18 My workplace takes coffee equipment very seriously

  19. 19 This is what my husband gifted me for my birthday

  20. 20 Obama welcomes you home

  21. 21 Ditto

  22. 22 When mum wants you to wear what she handmade for you

  23. 23 Fitness challenge

  24. 24 My dog has been acting a little weird today

  25. 25 Trying to keep up with my pets

  26. 26 Because walking your dog is too mainstream

  27. 27 What do you mean you want me to snap my fingers?

  28. 28 Baby's day out

  29. 29 Got myself a new pet today

  30. 30 Going for the Mohawk

  31. 31 Our trip organizer gave us these suitcases

  32. 32 When you ask for " a snap that will surprise me" and she sends you this

  33. 33 Booby trap

  34. 34 What time is it mate... oh wait!

  35. 35 I could stay in this shower 24/7

  36. 36 When your ex leaves a mark

  37. 37 Only need noodles for survival

  38. 38 When you brush your teeth after a week

  39. 39 They said I can't do it

  40. 40 Life's going just fine

  41. 41 I need this girl's number

  42. 42 When you're too sleepy in the exam


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