How Fake Instagram Photos Can Be (30 Pics)


Let’s face it; we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others on Instagram from time to time. Whether we own up to it or not but, that’s a fact, people! It’s no secret that Instagram is the highlight reel of life and people love to post their pristine photos of where they travel, the pets they own, meals they have, and workout routines they do! People love to portray their perfect life on Instagram even if in reality it’s not *wink*

Well, the truth is that the “perfect” people in the photos aren’t so perfect at all because the results that we see on people’s news stories are nothing more than some clever angles, good lighting and lots and lots of Photoshop. If you don’t believe that the magical world of Instagram perfection ain’t real then keep scrolling and we bet you will folks!


Listed up in this post are 30 photos proving how fake Instagram photos can be, scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 I’m 29 and until I found this sub I thought the “no pore look” was just excellent makeup 🙄 I feel silly now, but also relieved

  2. 2 e Looks Like A Cgi Character. I Honestly Thought That’s What This Was, But His Whole Ig Is Extremely Edited Like This

  3. 3 Not Insta but… I can’t even…

  4. 4 People Really Think They Can Photoshop Themselves Ten Pounds Lighter And Then Walk Out In Public Like No One Will Notice


  5. 5 The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

  6. 6 This hurt my eyes!!

  7. 7

  8. 8 Found This Titled: “Turn From Incel To Chad”

  9. 9 The longer you look, the stranger it gets.

  10. 10 Good Old Fashioned Facebook. These Are Going To Give Me Nightmares

  11. 11 Not Getting This Voldemort Nose Trend

  12. 12 Me On Instagram vs. When You Walk Into Me At The Supermarket

  13. 13 How do you breathe with a nose this thin

  14. 14 I’m Literally Terrified

  15. 15 Smooth Criminal

  16. 16 I started paying attention to the clouds ever since I saw the post on here..

  17. 17 This Sub Summarized In A Picture

  18. 18 All her pictures look like this

  19. 19 Her booty just melts into the seat

  20. 20 Spotted On Twitter

  21. 21 When you’re influencing so hard you grow a second bellybutton

  22. 22 Don’t doubt it!!

  23. 23 Going Hiking

  24. 24 That cloud wont leave her alone..

  25. 25

  26. 26 Same day, same outfit but different faces. You Kardashians are corny with the photoshop mess

  27. 27

  28. 28

  29. 29

  30. 30


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