20+ Ridiculous Surprises People Found in Their Hotels


When we’re travelling on a budget, we try not to spend too much money on accommodation and thus we end up booking a cheap room in a small hotel.

Often these cheap hotels have marketed themselves as a cheap place to stay that provides all amenities such as a swimming pool, free wifi, a nice window etc. However while these claims may be theoretically true, they’re practically a joke.


On arriving at the hotel, you’ll find a small pool that’s not really clean enough to swim in. The window will either be too small to let in any good light or simply closed off, and the WiFi will be slower than a turtle.

In this post we have listed hilarious photos of unexpected surprises such as the ones described above that await you at hotels. You’ll love this. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 My hotel staff is really possessive about their coffee maker

  2. 2 Amsterdam Hotel shower in the middle of the room!

  3. 3 The "water closet" in my hotel room

  4. 4 I'm concerned about the inspiration behind these hotel curtains


  5. 5 This hotel room layout doesn't account for the pull-out bed

  6. 6 We stayed in a L.A. hotel with the bath tub in the living room. Awkward time with friends.

  7. 7 Our hotel bathroom has a semi-transparent door

  8. 8 Wanna spend a holiday here?

  9. 9 A perfect view from my hotel room!

  10. 10 Was leaving a hotel in China, almost forgot to flip this switch

  11. 11 I'm suddenly feeling very uncomfortable in my hotel room..

  12. 12 This was in my hotel room in Taiwan...

  13. 13 The sofa bed in our hotel room in New Orleans

  14. 14 At the hotel breakfast bar this morning.

  15. 15 We had an imaginary lamp

  16. 16 Ok! Now I know where the entrance to Narnia is!

  17. 17 Mom, the guests are here... oh wait!

  18. 18 A chic room in a hotel in Mariinsk, with a toilet and a shower in the middle of the room.

  19. 19 “In a Las Vegas hotel, I missed the towels. And I told the economic service that I would give $ 1 for each additional towel. ”

  20. 20 What's better than taking a bath in open air?

  21. 21 Can someone explain how do I close this?

  22. 22 Is this some kind of a prank?

  23. 23 Now imagine how I brush my teeth

  24. 24 I wanted a balcony with a view

  25. 25 Is that the kitchen?!

  26. 26 You had one job!

  27. 27 Talk about being in the wrong place

  28. 28 Bathroom in the Red Lion Hotel in Orlando, FL is so small, you can't open the bathroom door unless you lift the lid first. Oops.

  29. 29 Both spelling and the actual password for the WiFi at a hotel where a friend is staying

  30. 30 ‘Art’ on display in a hotel restroom

  31. 31 This TV in my friend's hotel room ( and you have to pay a 10€ deposit to get a remote...)

  32. 32 You'd need a neck massage after watching tv


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