30 Horribly Bizarre Fashions


Individuality is extremely important to millennials, they’ve been born in an era of continuous change, over exposure and lots of choices. They don’t like being the same as everyone else, they want to stand out.

Some do it through actual charisma and character, other try to do it by making statements via absurd attire. This post is about the latter category.


Listed in this post are photos of some of the most bizarre outfits that ever saw the light of day. Is this individuality or a massacre of fashion?

Scroll down and decide peeps.

  1. 1 Could have used some abs on this

  2. 2 Oldest prank in the books

  3. 3 Imagine Arya Stark wearing this on her return to Winterfell

  4. 4 So much for modeling talent


  5. 5 The Natalie Portman craze

  6. 6 Someone's driving without car mats

  7. 7 When it's summer time but mom forces you to wear layers

  8. 8 Me after I see my crush with another man

  9. 9 When I fart while walking

  10. 10 Rate the cap

  11. 11 Me coming back from my trip to Hawaii

  12. 12 One for the shorties

  13. 13 Inspired by a Zombie Apocalypse

  14. 14 Who says smoking damages the lungs? They look really healthy.

  15. 15 Seducing you into the meat section

  16. 16 I wish they made bike helmets like that

  17. 17 When you're just not in a mood to wear a shirt

  18. 18 There's nothing such as too manly..

  19. 19 I don't think this was designed for humans

  20. 20 The mommy chicken must be looking for it

  21. 21 Every gf wearing the bf's clothes after her first time

  22. 22 True friends follow the dress code

  23. 23 Designed for Samurai Jack

  24. 24 Being useful matters

  25. 25 Keeping your head warm, Viking style


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