30+ Honest Comics For Common Girl Problems That Only Girls Can Relate To


Ashkara Ashok is an Indian Illustrator who creates awesome comics about the daily struggles of girls.  Her comics are hilarious and highly relatable to all the ladies out there. Her comics aim to help girls relate to each other over the hilarious problems that they all must face in their day to day life.

Listed in this post are our favorite photos from Ashkara’s collection. Check out her Instagram page to learn more about her work.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Goodbye to backless dresses

  2. 2 The feeling of freedom

  3. 3 Sneezing and periods don't go well together

  4. 4 Not the best feature


  5. 5 Gotta stay comfy

  6. 6 Because it just has to show...

  7. 7 The ultimately comfortable position

  8. 8 It never stays on

  9. 9 When your leg fat game is weak

  10. 10 It's a whole new tummy

  11. 11 Being a forgetful granny

  12. 12 Nothing stays where it should stay

  13. 13 Look at the hairy big foot

  14. 14 The area in between could accommodate a million refugees

  15. 15 Their bond is stronger than anything

  16. 16 Every single time

  17. 17 When the mannequin has a better fitting than you

  18. 18 This is where I literally live

  19. 19 So what color should I wear today?

  20. 20 When the kitty marks you as her territory

  21. 21 When coffee makes you go

  22. 22 Gone with the wind

  23. 23 Having a smooth shave is nearly impossible

  24. 24 Don't make contact

  25. 25 Which one do you prefer?

  26. 26 Packing what matters most

  27. 27 The struggle is real

  28. 28 No, I'm fine without one

  29. 29 Spot the cleavage!

  30. 30 The wedgie machine

  31. 31 Together forever

  32. 32 Because boredom leads to overeating

    More info: Instagram


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