Artist Hilariously Mashups Famous Historic Artworks And Contemporary Pop Culture


Hyati is a visual designer from Cyprus. He’s a rising star on Instagram with almost 38k followers on his page. Hyati posts hilarious photos by mashing up pictures of random people with classic art works.

If you’re into arts and modern art forms, you’re going to like his style. It is both diverse and interesting. It combines modern digital art with historical classics blending them both in a unified whole.


Listed in this post are 30 hilarious posts by Hyati. You can learn more about him on his Instagram page. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Stop looking or i'll chop one of your ears

  2. 2 Be careful with your words

  3. 3 Voldemort learning new dance moves

  4. 4 Chilling Mona Lisa


  5. 5 Mona Lisa just trying to stay fit

  6. 6 The most annoying thing

  7. 7 Air conditioner the modern era Messiah

  8. 8 Burger Queen

  9. 9 Picasso - Van Gogh lovers in the dispute between the 4 wounded.

  10. 10 Hipster

  11. 11 The King of Obesity

  12. 12 Have a nice day, Thank you for choosing us

  13. 13 Just trying to keep up with the latest trends

  14. 14 It looks so trippy! I want to travel with them.

  15. 15 Enjoying the modern day baby shower

  16. 16 The Queen getting the new hair cut

  17. 17 The Mother of Dragons

  18. 18 The smoking woman in Alley

  19. 19 Salt Bae fans from the past

  20. 20 MOM Nooo!

  21. 21 Fan jumping to the stage

  22. 22 Ginger Venus from The Birth of Venus

  23. 23 The art of basketball

  24. 24 Please. I want one more beer

  25. 25 Poverty

  26. 26 Discovering the new technology

  27. 27 The tatoo lover but did he drew all those tattoos?

  28. 28 When your girl hits you with "K"

  29. 29 Just hanging around

  30. 30 Even back then children loved Nesquik


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