20+ Purely Savaged Instagram Comments That Will Make You Laugh Hard


If you’re a regular user of Instagram, then you’ll agree that sometimes Instagram comments can be even more entertaining than the Instagram photos.

If you’re posting to the public, be prepared for all kinds of responses because people won’t spare you. If you post senseless photos, you may get lashed back with witty and sarcastic remarks.


We’ve listed up 30 photos of savage Instagram comments to prove our point. Know anyone who’s capable of the same photo massacre? Share this post with them to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 This will make Bill definitely think about Monica for once

  2. 2 Guess how much she paid for it

  3. 3 Snooki loves roasting herself

  4. 4 Somebody's paying a huge credit card bill now


  5. 5 The height of maintaining a dirty room

  6. 6 How do you do it?

  7. 7 A two-legged horsey

  8. 8 Spend a little more on plastic surgeries and people would think you are twins

  9. 9 Waiting for the bell like

  10. 10 Nina's kept them close

  11. 11 Full signal strength

  12. 12 Kourtney replying to this comment made my day

  13. 13 You've gotta be famous first to comment on other's lives

  14. 14 I see Rihana

  15. 15 Kanye's head has a face hidden inside it

  16. 16 Gotta be quick and swagy about this

  17. 17 It's a mix of both I guess

  18. 18 Did Apple make a new line of phones just for the Kardashians?

  19. 19 What else is missing?

  20. 20 Can anyone translate this please

  21. 21 It's the Nicki effect

  22. 22 Stole my move

  23. 23 I tell you it's a wig bro!

  24. 24 Post Malone letting his thoughts known

  25. 25 Where it all started

  26. 26 Wish she knew her limits


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