32 Hilariously Honest Memes Every Woman Can Relate To


Being a women is no easy feat!

To keep up with the unrealistic beauty standards, women have to spend both time and money on makeup, waxing, and other treatments. And even after all that, they’re stuck dealing with issues like broken nails and strawberry legs.  If they get moody after being through all of that, then isn’t it justified?


Listed up in this post are hilarious and brutally honest memes that summarize the struggles of women. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 Women looking like this want a man 6 ft tall, who cares about them

  2. 2 It's time to get laid fellas

  3. 3 Wanna see what she carries in her bag?

  4. 4 The amount of disappointment


  5. 5 Early morning motivation

  6. 6 They brought cake... I can't resist cake...

  7. 7 Making more than my toes curl

  8. 8 Shampoo isn't so bad afterall

  9. 9 Please Don't come back

  10. 10 PMS got me like

  11. 11 All about the level of sensitivity

  12. 12 If you work hard enough, you can get in this shape

  13. 13 The ugly truth!!

  14. 14 Seriously Impossible

  15. 15 How unlucky can you be?

  16. 16 I'd love to do the sniff sniff

  17. 17 You've left me stranded in the middle

  18. 18 That was a bad decision

  19. 19 Hurts more than a heartbreak

  20. 20 In a relationship with Trash

  21. 21 That's my only quality

  22. 22 That oops moment

  23. 23 Always the wrong fitting

  24. 24 The fight against yourself

  25. 25 That moment of realization

  26. 26 Pros and Cons

  27. 27 No make up rule my friend

  28. 28 That was a nail biting experience

  29. 29 Shut up and just get me a burrito

  30. 30 You may pick according to your mood

  31. 31 Always the wrong timing

  32. 32 Using it as a reference now


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