36 People Reached at An Extreme Level of Foolishness


Today’s post is one of our most hilarious posts ever, so if you are down and want to have a good laugh and literally roll on the floor laughing then this is the post for you. If this doesn’t cheer you up nothing else will!

In this post, we present to you 36 people who are either too stupid or too naïve to understand common sense and proper etiquette. They really need tutoring in how to live and behave in a civilized fashion. If there ever were limits and boundaries of stupidity, these people crossed them by long margins.


Scroll down people and enjoy photos of these funny retards. You will be hysterical with laughter by the time you finish browsing all these photos.

  1. 1 When you cant afford a moniter

  2. 2 When you use a rifle for the first time

  3. 3 New ways to show your talent

  4. 4 A failed attempt to impress her with your manners


  5. 5 When you cant read the changing room sign

  6. 6 What some people do with their ice cream

  7. 7 It is a good idea to always have some spare tires handy when you are riding a bike

  8. 8 A way to show how much wait you have lost

  9. 9 When you have high standards

  10. 10 Cooking for the first time expectations

  11. 11 Who said men are smart?

  12. 12 Not the best time to take an interview

  13. 13 Now she will just vanish

  14. 14 He wants to cut the tree not the branch

  15. 15 Cause taking it out of the rack was really a stupid idea

  16. 16 Cause thats the only ring which is not a piece of a jewelry

  17. 17 When you have no fashion sense

  18. 18 The best way to kill a spider

  19. 19 Innovative idea

  20. 20 Nice idea....

  21. 21 Budget protection glasses

  22. 22 Nice place to do jumping

  23. 23 Why women live longer than men

  24. 24 That will hold it together

  25. 25 Wondering why caps were invented

  26. 26 This dad is not the best role model for his children

  27. 27 Opening the other door was not an option

  28. 28 wish, there were other ways to download a video

  29. 29 Cooking over a camp fire and underneath the ice

  30. 30 When showing one middle finger wasn't enough

  31. 31 Opening the door was not an option here

  32. 32 She doesn't know how to open a can

  33. 33 When you hate sun burns

  34. 34 Taking a ride when you are high af

  35. 35 Up to his neck in work.....Literally!

  36. 36 When you lie to your bae that you are sleeping


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