Hilariously Bizarre Fashion From Streets of Tokyo (30 Photos)


With more than 35 million people living in greater Tokyo, the city is the largest and most vibrant metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo is like a visit to another planet which is known for numerous intoxicated things but their fashion statements outpace all.

People in Tokyo are very avant-garde in their style. Neon hair, stage shoes, fake tans, super-Goth even snaggle-tooth are just a few of the bizarre and weird fashion trends that have recently gripped people in the streets of Tokyo.


Listed in this post are 30 examples of their hilariously bizarre fashion that you’ve never seen before.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 When you ask for size Medium but they only have XL

  2. 2 Sher Khan, is that you?

  3. 3 When you've gotta show some skin in Tokyo

  4. 4 Can't look into those eyes


  5. 5 Is it just me or the handbag is the weirdest of it all?

  6. 6 There's a fair amount of polythene in there

  7. 7 Sharp shooters

  8. 8 Don't be afraid of the colors

  9. 9 Guess the gender

  10. 10 The Japanese culture featuring Denims

  11. 11 Beyond curtains and beyond your reach

  12. 12 Is that a bird?

  13. 13 Heels for boys? Not bad!

  14. 14 Japanese fashion is a little too much for anywhere outside of Japan

  15. 15 He thinks he's superman

  16. 16 Who else wants to try those leggings?

  17. 17 Are those ... Double Pants?!

  18. 18 When you're a true Tonami fan

  19. 19 It could easily fit two people in there

  20. 20 Meet the Tokyo Kitties

  21. 21 Could have been a very good suit if there were pants

  22. 22 Are they shooting a death metal song?

  23. 23 Black beauties

  24. 24 Be scared of the Tigress

  25. 25 YOLO

  26. 26 When you're Asian but wanna be African

  27. 27 The Black Widow

  28. 28 Talk about a cute makeover

  29. 29 Gotta love the color scheme


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