20 Hilarious Town Names in USA and UK


Some towns have seriously dumb names.

For instance, there’s a city called “Hooker” in Oklahoma, USA. Wonder what goes on down there eh? Don’t let your imagination run too wild, it may get you started on the road to hell.


Oh, on that note there’s a Hell on earth too, and it’s located in Michigan. The funny thing is that the city Hell in Michigan was named because someone said that name the city Hell for all I care. Apparently the people took the tantrum a little too seriously and adopted the name.

There are lots of other hilariously named towns and cities in the world. We’ve listed some of our favorite ones in this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 F*cking, Austria

  2. 2 Intercourse, USA

  3. 3 Penistone, UK

  4. 4 Wetwang, UK


  5. 5 Hooker, Oklahoma, USA

  6. 6 Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania, USA

  7. 7 Middelfart, Denmark

  8. 8 Crapstone, UK

  9. 9 Boring, Oregon, USA

  10. 10 Accident, Maryland, USA

  11. 11 Hell, Michigan, USA

  12. 12 Crotch Crescent, UK

  13. 13 Embarrass, Minnesota, US

  14. 14 Nothing, Arizona

  15. 15 Greasy Corner, Arkansas

  16. 16 Bell End, Worcestershire

  17. 17 Twatt, Orkney

  18. 18 Christmas Common, Oxfordshire

  19. 19 Great Snoring, Norfolk

  20. 20 Westward Ho! Devon

  21. 21 That's where all the bad people live

  22. 22 How does that even qualify to be the name of a place?

  23. 23 Answer and you'll find your way

  24. 24 Just do it

  25. 25 Yep. That's me.

  26. 26 Bye from Bye

  27. 27 I wouldn't wanna live in there

  28. 28 So where is this relationship going?

  29. 29 What path am I walking upon?

  30. 30 Where did your ex go?


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