Artist Hilariously Illustrates the Life With Kids That Every Mom Can Relate to


Today’s Post is about a mother artist. Kayela Larsen always wanted to draw since her childhood. This passion grew even greater when she saw animated movies especially little mermaid and Lion King.  Then she got married, had kids and got super busy. Her passion drowned in her huge workload as being a mother of 4 is no piece of cake!

Then one night she thought all about it, about how her childhood dream got lost in the daily grind of her life, she decided then and there that she is not going to let her passion go; She started drawing again taking inspiration from her kids. At the beginning it was hard, she felt she was not as good as she had once been, but that changed with perseverance. When her children go to sleep her artist comes out and she draws. Her work speaks for itself

As this post illustrates she is now back to her best self, most of her art is comics about parenting, about being a mother and relation between children and parents, all parents can relate to today’s post.


Listed below are 22 pictures from her comic arts. Scroll down peeps and enjoy. This mother is expecting her 5th. She absolutely loves this life style.

You can know more about her by visiting the following links: Instagram| Website




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