30+ Hilarious Puns That Will Make You Laugh


If you are down or having a bad day and need some cheering up then peeps this is the post for you. In this post we have compiled some of the best puns found online. They’re sassy, they’re witty, and they’re simply awesome!


Listed below are photos of 32 puns. They may be a bit silly, but they’re downright hilarious. You won’t be able to suppress your laughter on these folks. Scroll down peeps and get ready to laugh out loud.

  1. 1 I got cold feet!

  2. 2 Looks like the shark has to wait

  3. 3 A Cheesy joke

  4. 4 This horse never had a bad hair day


  5. 5 Because the control was hungover

  6. 6 A shake everyone loves

  7. 7 That one crazy friend

  8. 8 I am not an A cup, or a B cup, or even a D cup. I am a T cup!

  9. 9 People are really careless

  10. 10 The Investigator

  11. 11 What kind of shorts do clouds wear?

  12. 12 Give him some room

  13. 13 Lmao.. Couch Potato!

  14. 14 A dangerous Fish Tank

  15. 15 Duhhh.....

  16. 16 A Koala in shock!

  17. 17 Which one do you like?

  18. 18 Ahh A sex tape

  19. 19 I lava you <3

  20. 20 Mario Cart

  21. 21 Whats a big 'mistake'?

  22. 22 How to throw a big party?

  23. 23 Get ready for a magic trick

  24. 24 Darth Vader going to work

  25. 25 Life is not a "Bed of Ros......"

  26. 26 Bananas can feel bad too

  27. 27 I am a big fan of renewable energy

  28. 28 Probably in a "Hoodie"

  29. 29 With her son

  30. 30 "IRONing MAN"

  31. 31 A deep one

  32. 32 Or Both knees?


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