30 People Who Need to Work on Their Photoshop Skills


Not everyone who uses Photoshop knows how to edit images. Some people simply suck at Photoshop. All they do is paste one image on another without considering colors, perspective or pretty much anything else. The result is a hilarious picture that does not make much sense.


Listed in this post are photos made by people who seriously need to work on their Photoshop skills. Don’t forget to see the 17th picture. It is seriously hilarious. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Just a slight angular issue. Nothing much.

  2. 2 How you feel after first day at the gym

  3. 3 That looks like the shadow of an alligator

  4. 4 When a teenager learns Photoshop


  5. 5 That's one hardcore Justin Bieber fan right there!

  6. 6 Photoshopped Big Butts!

  7. 7 Wait, where did that leg come from?

  8. 8 Who's hand is that!?

  9. 9 This beach just got filthy!

  10. 10 That's how Will Smith Photoshop himself into other's pictures!

  11. 11 Not the mermaid we all saw in our dreams

  12. 12 Firstly, he needs parental guidance on his internet browsing. Secondly, Wtf JB?

  13. 13 Indian Photoshop "artists" never disappoint

  14. 14 Gotta meet the tattoo artist

  15. 15 Spot the racism

  16. 16 Trust me I was there

  17. 17 What? That's how the wall really look like..

  18. 18 OkCupid: when you're looking for that special someone... with four hands!

  19. 19 Someone's flying sky-high

  20. 20 Got this new ride. I am talking about the car.

  21. 21 Works at " Traffic barrier"

  22. 22 Hey Earth, what's up?

  23. 23 The dog's face says, "I am doomed"

  24. 24 ... Jennifer?

  25. 25 He owes an apology to the bodybuilders!

  26. 26 Yes I’m sure it’s the waist trainer, not the photoshop.....

  27. 27 When Rihanna Dated This Guy?!

  28. 28 Well... Sorry Photoshop!

  29. 29 Yes, she drives him crazy all the time!

  30. 30 Wakanda forever!


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