10+ Of The Most Hilarious Photos Of Kids At Weddings That Will Make Your Day


Weddings are quite an exhausting affair; both for the couple getting married and for the people attending the slew of events that make the marriage an ‘exciting’ affair. Kids are the best guests at any wedding because they simply don’t care. They have no idea what love is, they think kissing is gross, and quite frankly, they have a point. And this is precisely why pictures of kids at weddings are way more funny than normal funny wedding photos with stupid adults in them. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this second installment of pictures of funny kids at weddings.


Look i got Micky Mouse

I don't get it why they are laughing?

I can't take it anymore

Walking down the aisle is stupid


I am my own boss

I am not your puppet, I will do what I want!

OMG this is gross!

Lying on a floor is my favorit thing

What are you looking at?

No reason, just feel like crying right about now

Caption This In The Comments

One problem solved

When is this going to be over?

That's It, no more

Time to go home

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