Hilariously Ironic Comics Every Woman Can Relate to


Being a woman is no easy feat.

You must deal with all sorts of troubles like waxing, periods and more. No one summarizes the day to day troubles of women better than the Indian illustrator Ashkara Ashok.

Ashkara has a hilarious series of comics posted up on her Instagram profile that depict the common problems of women.


In this post we have listed up some of our favorite photos from Ashkara’s comics. You can find more of her work on the following links: Ko-fi| Instagram.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Waxing problems

  2. 2 Nightwear can't look good whatever you do

  3. 3 Pizza is the main item

  4. 4 I am begging you


  5. 5 It's a bargain

  6. 6 Sleeping is a plan, no?

  7. 7 Pros and cons

  8. 8 Obesity vs Pregnancy

  9. 9 I never get this

  10. 10 There's a storm inside

  11. 11 Simple and comfortable, what's that?!

  12. 12 It's a struggle

  13. 13 At least the tangles are gone

  14. 14 Abort Mission!!

  15. 15 The snack went bad

  16. 16 Sexy time be like

  17. 17 I deserve my reward

  18. 18 Murder is top priority

  19. 19 Furniture vs Pinky toe

  20. 20 How I judge people

    More info:Akshara Ashok


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