25 Hilarious Expectation Vs Reality Photos


They’re not kidding when they say we should keep our expectations low or else life will serve us disappointment. It’s a timeless wisdom that life serves us time and again, but we refuse to learn. We try our luck again and again to see if our expectations can be met. However, as evident in the hilarious pictures listed in this post, the reality that is often far away from our expectations. 


Look at each of these pictures peeps, they’re teaching you to manage your expectations. Aim low, and avoid disappointment! Scroll on and enjoy folks:

  1. 1

  2. 2 There is no such thing as a perfect shot at the beach!

  3. 3 Pet owners would confirm!

  4. 4 Happens every time.. Every time!


  5. 5 Aiming perfect is not everyone's cup of tea..

  6. 6 They can be even more worse!

  7. 7 Yes, that's how you look when you sleep in a train!

  8. 8 Wait, that's how you are supposed to pout, right?

  9. 9 Close enough, right?

  10. 10 That's why I have trust issues!

  11. 11 That's why I hate Photoshop!

  12. 12 He did it perfectly, NOT!

  13. 13 Dads always do it more cooler!

  14. 14 When you decide to pay half the money and expect the same results!

  15. 15 This happens to me all the time!

  16. 16 Ordered it from the wrong place!

  17. 17 Why pay for these expensive skins when you can do it better yourself?

  18. 18 We are ashamed Wolverine!

  19. 19 I just followed the instructions in the recipe!

  20. 20 She shouldn't have even attempted that!

  21. 21 Well, at least they tried!


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