30+ Photos Proving Some People Just Can’t Sit and Do Nothing


A creative brain can never be endure boredom. It’ll find ways to keep itself active and entertained. And this is why we often find that people who’re creative will find something to do anywhere they go. if they’re bored they’ll start fiddling around with anything they can get their hands on, and they’ll build something out of it.


In this post we have listed 30 awesome photos of people killing boredom by finding creative things to do in their surroundings. scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 This kid went from row to row

  2. 2 Did a face swap with the Statue of Liberty.

  3. 3 When you have too much time on your hands.

  4. 4 I got bored at the swimming pool...


  5. 5 Bored Marines...

  6. 6 Work was slow today

  7. 7 This medical student had some free time

  8. 8 Got bored at work so I made a friend Lime Gary!

  9. 9 Milton lives on. The office was bored...

  10. 10 Sometimes when you get bored living alone

  11. 11 He fall asleep for just 30 minutes & his girlfriend did this to his face!

  12. 12 This is how to have fun at work, when you are bored

  13. 13 Boredom Cup

  14. 14 When the smoker is tired of smoking cigarettes

  15. 15 Bored at toys r us

  16. 16 So, my girlfriend got bored..

  17. 17 He surely do know how to have fun with hi paper art

  18. 18 He didn't bored himself during the family holiday

  19. 19 This person writes messages on bananas in the grocery stores so when people take them home it will appear like the banana knows their secrets.

  20. 20 The best way to go watch the new Jurassic Park

  21. 21 Because cereals are more fun

  22. 22 Reason why employers take so much time to complete the project

  23. 23 How to limit yourself to one snack a day

  24. 24 Someone was bored in math

  25. 25 Saw this when I came back home from work! Even birds can't sit idle...

  26. 26 Waiting for flight with friends be like

  27. 27 I spent hours to glue googly eyes on his hat and shirt

  28. 28 100+ hours alone just to design it

  29. 29 This guy love his job

  30. 30 Catzilla

  31. 31 They surely do know how to have fun at work

  32. 32 How to have fun when you are alone and bored!

  33. 33 This is the reason why our orders take forever

  34. 34 We Got Bored at Work


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