30 Everyday Problems Solved by Clever People


Sometimes tiny little problems of everyday routine can become quite frustrating and mess with our head, so peeps see our today’s funny post so that when next time such a problem comes up you are fully prepared to not only face it but you’re well equipped to come up with a brilliant solution for the problem as well.


In Today’s post we present 30 everyday little problems with their hilarious yet creative solutions. Human beings can be very creative if they put their mind to it and this post is a perfect illustration of that. So scroll down peeps and enjoy this post, some of these pictures are very funny and will make you laugh out loud.

  1. 1 Don't have candles for the office birthday party? Use a bic lighter.

  2. 2 You need killer looks and brilliant mind not a selfie stick to take an awesome selfie

  3. 3 How students solve daily life problems

  4. 4 Fathers always rock


  5. 5 Creative DIY shoulder bag!

  6. 6 New version of LED TVs

  7. 7 Modern Era Toilet papers

  8. 8 Wife went away on business. Found this in the bathroom. I'm a vegetarian

  9. 9 How engineers do homework

  10. 10 My friend couldn't find a leash for his dog... We improvised.

  11. 11 New way to fix chairs

  12. 12 Funny and innovative version of the GoogleGlass!!

  13. 13 Best cooling pad for a laptop

  14. 14 There is a solution even for hardest problems

  15. 15 Don't know how to use chop sticks? No problem!

  16. 16 The perfect way to eat Oreos

  17. 17 Nothing gets in the way of telling the time.

  18. 18 Short charging wire is not a problem for this man

  19. 19 Hot noodle hack

  20. 20 Because using umbrella is too mainstream

  21. 21 Edinburgh has found a solution for cigarette Butts waste

  22. 22 Cracked screen is not a problem for this Naruto fan

  23. 23 My co worker forgot his fork today

  24. 24 Never run out of toilet paper with the help of this tree

  25. 25 My boyfriend fell down our stairs on Thanksgiving day. Instead of fixing the hole, we got creative.

  26. 26 Homemade sandals

  27. 27 No punching machine, no problem

  28. 28 Thats how to make improvised gas marks

  29. 29 The portable pillow

  30. 30 New ways to fool social media


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