20+ Funny Photos of Ridiculously Creative Thinkers


Some people are just badass genius! They’ll literally find ways to recycle trash and create something novel out of it. Now some may call them lazy, because they’re just finding shortcuts. But let the haters talk, we’re all lazy. But did you come up with any crazy idea to make your life easier without spending too much money? Didn’t think so.


Scroll on folks and enjoy the works of these pure geniuses. Find inspiration to think out of the box like these guys. Who knows, perhaps you can come up with something like this too! Enjoy the photos peeps:

  1. 1 Team work at its best

  2. 2 Step 1: Stay safe

  3. 3 They won’t notice the ticket...

  4. 4 Gotta shed some kilos


  5. 5 Beach parties have never been so much fun

  6. 6 Better than an Air Conditioner

  7. 7 Getting late for an interview and the iron broke

  8. 8 Reduced my work commute so I can wake up late

  9. 9 ingenuity or stupidity?

  10. 10 That's his favorite number

  11. 11 Christmas time calls for improvisation

  12. 12 I like my food warm

  13. 13 A multi tasker's key to gardening

  14. 14 Remote job offices be like

  15. 15 Get on the plastic cruise

  16. 16 Nothing to worry about when you have your mates

  17. 17 The three wheeled beauty

  18. 18 So the overheating problem won't bother us anymore. What's next?

  19. 19 Safety from the splash

  20. 20 It's occupied

  21. 21 That's pretty tide

  22. 22 Rain is the last of their worries now

  23. 23 My fridge is on life support

  24. 24 This guy's definitely an engineer

  25. 25 Because duct tape can fix everything

  26. 26 Quite a balancing act

  27. 27 Ultimate dad move!

  28. 28 For people who work remotely.....


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