23 People Find Hilariously creative Ways To Troll Other People


If you are a person who likes to have a good laugh and is not afraid to poke other people with silly tricks then this is the post for you. Trolling other people is always fun and in this post we present some of the best ideas of trolling.

All Trolls will agree that the feeling of satisfaction and happiness you get when your plan is executed perfectly and the person you wanted to troll falls right into your trap is unparalleled.


So scroll down peeps and enjoy these amazing photos where these trolls nailed it:

  1. 1 Pizza surprisee!! Ever tried this with your friends?

  2. 2 I am gonna make a cake for my enemies!

  3. 3 Cuz its a sky, its a sky full of clothes...

  4. 4 Well someone is a smartass


  5. 5 My roommate is afraid of clowns...

  6. 6 Me and my friend filled oreos with toothpaste and gave them to everyone at school...

  7. 7 Evil.....

  8. 8 Such a sweet prank!

  9. 9 Throwback to Life of Pi

  10. 10 Found at my parents. Should I laugh or cry?

  11. 11 Incredible Weight Loss!

  12. 12 I've got my eyes on you

  13. 13 What's the worst prank anyone has ever pulled on you? This was mine.

  14. 14 This roommate, who I suppose is only hurting herself!

  15. 15 There's been a robbery, you need to call 911. What do you do? Curse your friends, exactly!

  16. 16 I bent down to pick up my pen, and Lord did I scream loud!

  17. 17 Put a mirror on the stairs, scare the crap out of everyone....

  18. 18 OMG!! Ok I have to try this on someone!

  19. 19 He still didn't blink an eye

  20. 20 I came home from a hellish shift last night to discover that my roommate is an asshole.

  21. 21 Do you like the silver color?

  22. 22 Brussel sprout pops

  23. 23 Prankster friends + Helium + balloons = flying doggo


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