Guy Creates Low Cost Cosplay and It is Hilariously Clever


If you’re a fantasy fanatic you’ll know that it can cost a fortune to come up with a good cosplay. The props such as the costumes and the wigs don’t come for free. But what if you’re short on cash? Does it mean that you miss out on all the fun? Not a chance! All you need is a little creativity, and you can even manage to create a cosplay on a budget.

That’s exactly what Thai cosplay fanatic Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is doing. He uses everyday household items to come up with hilarious cosplays and posts them up on his Insta account: @Lowcost_cosplay


Check out his Instagram and Facebook pages for inspiration. You’ll find a lot of ideas that you can work with. This guy is awesome!

In this post, we have listed photos of 36 awesome cosplay ideas by lowcost_cosplay. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Only if Goku knew, he wouldn't have gone through all the effort

  2. 2 Looks like princess left Super Mario

  3. 3 OMG what has Logan done to you

  4. 4 This one made my day


  5. 5 So do you wanna play a game?

  6. 6 Talent speaks for itself

  7. 7 Easy as you like

  8. 8 Nailing it like a boss

  9. 9 Ever seen anyone BECOME a coke bottle?

  10. 10 This ship belongs to me now... there aren't any bunnies here, right?

  11. 11 I am Frooot...

  12. 12 Street fighter (Chicken Wings Edition)

  13. 13 All the makeup artists fail in front of this guy

  14. 14 Banana?!

  15. 15 OMG Mickey burnt his face...

  16. 16 When there are hundreds of career options in front of you but you just wanna be twister

  17. 17 The Supreme Leader does not look pleased

  18. 18 The relationship seams complicated

  19. 19 Be scared. Be very scared!

  20. 20 The king/queen of improvisation

  21. 21 Head shots only

  22. 22 Meet the Indian Goddess

  23. 23 Them knees did the job

  24. 24 Color clay has colored all our childhoods

  25. 25 Jason Mamoa who?!

  26. 26 His version of Frieza is scarier, for real!

  27. 27 Kitty didn't agree upon it but there you go

  28. 28 Draw me like one of your Asian girls

  29. 29 Buzz Lightyear ft Mineral water

  30. 30 Looks more like Popeye

  31. 31 This one is the clear winner for me!!

  32. 32 Spot on!

  33. 33 Wanna ride my golden bike?

  34. 34 Checkout this diva

  35. 35 Please tell me everyone from Asia can do this

  36. 36 Emoji game, too strong!


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