20+ Hilarious Cat Shaming Photos


Anyone who’s ever owned a cat will agree that cats can be a serious a nuisance sometimes, and they’re way too cute and adorable to be given any serious punishment.  So what do you do when you feel upset with your cat?  Try Cat shaming. By publicly sharing your cat’s mishaps, you’ll be able to vent out your frustration. And let’s face it, your cat won’t bother if its photos go up online. So it’s a perfect win-win.


Plenty of people do it! We have collected more than 20 hilarious cat shaming photos and listed them up in this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 The book of lies

  2. 2 Must have been fun to watch

  3. 3 Not all predators are ugly

  4. 4 Found the culprit


  5. 5 Welcome to the fam

  6. 6 I'm sorry

  7. 7 It wasn't worth it

  8. 8 Just routine

  9. 9 Yep. That's my talent.

  10. 10 The Sock Stealer

  11. 11 I just wanted attention

  12. 12 Ouch!

  13. 13 I want all the food

  14. 14 Sorry, not sorry.

  15. 15 Grandma wouldn't be happy

  16. 16 I'm a stubborn cat

  17. 17 She was my friend..

  18. 18 Used ones

  19. 19 I was just trying to help mommy

  20. 20 The cat's deeper than your thoughts

  21. 21 Just because I want attention

  22. 22 That was a rough night

  23. 23 He's just dumb enough

  24. 24 Had to scare them off


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