Here are Our 31 Top Favourite Amusing Marvel Moments. What Are Yours?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has conquered millions of hearts all over the world with heart throbbing superpowers of Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, and the list goes on and on.

The interceding 10 years have seen Marvel Studios create a cinematic original with overlapping intricate bends and traversing multiple genres. From civic Earth-bound thrillers to intergalactic cosmic ventures, there are some greatest Marvel Cinematic Universe moments that have embedded in our minds like no other and hence will remain in our hearts forever.


Scroll on to see our compiled collection. We have listed up 31 photos of our top favorite amusing Marvel moments. What are yours? If you find any of the below moments your most favorite, then don’t forget to share it with your friends as well. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Rock Papers Scissors Babyy

  2. 2 Story of every Engineer

  3. 3 How is this going to work??

  4. 4 Hulk Smash


  5. 5 Drax can catch all the Metaphors

  6. 6

  7. 7 The Cap knows how to dance

  8. 8 Spidey, the jolly guy

  9. 9 Why is Gamora?!

  10. 10 Hook me up with a ride

  11. 11 Be a gentleman Tony

  12. 12 Isn't Shuri the favorite

  13. 13 Copy-Cap

  14. 14 We're using original names here

  15. 15 Go back to your planet Squid

  16. 16 Tony knows how to ensue humor anywhere

  17. 17 The kid is still getting a hang of the ways

  18. 18 Steve Rogers is one good looking fossil

  19. 19 Rocket Rabbit

  20. 20 The trick always works

  21. 21 The Witch's power is impressive indeed

  22. 22 Baby Groot just wanted to help

  23. 23 Jesus is the one true master

  24. 24 Korg isn't good at nicknames

  25. 25 Delivery from the big boss

  26. 26 And finally, in Thor: Ragnarok, when Loki was falling for a REALLY long time.

  27. 27 When Hulk slammed Loki against the ground in The Avengers.

  28. 28 Pious times by the prince of Asgard

  29. 29 Take notes kid

  30. 30 Black Panther's weakness is love

  31. 31 All his friends are long gone


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