Here Are 10+ Of The Most Insane Wedding Dresses


We all have had a fair share of looking at wedding dresses right? There are some of the most gorgeous wedding dresses out there, which makes you want to get married to your nonexistent boyfriend. JUST so you can have that luxury piece of dress on your body. However, although unpopular, but certainly not in abundance, are some of the most horrific and outrageous wedding dress you can lay your eyes on.

To be fair, it’s really the idea behind the creativity (note the sarcasm), which makes you wonder about the why and how. But hey, at least you can laugh at them and have a good time, right? Are you thinking it can’t be that bad? Trust me, it really is! Keep on reading to find out for yourself!


Wedding dress made out of balloons

Toilet Paper wedding dress

Practically speaking, it is not the greatest wedding dress.

This wedding dress was created to bring awareness to AIDS in Africa. It's good to bring attention to important causes, but, practically speaking, it is not the greatest wedding dress.

She nailed it, they are wearing matching dresses


Sweet bride...

Edible wedding dress

When Honey Boo Boo star Mama June finally said yes

Newspaper wedding dress

Maternity wedding dress

Another balloon dress

Is she wearing a mosquito net?

Disco wedding dress


Baller wedding dress

Delicious pizza bride

Bride in three balls

Booze Bride

Devilishly lovely

Hairy wedding dress

Biker bride

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