Here Are 10+ Hilarious Pranks You Will Love To Try


Whether you admit it or not, everyone has a mischievous streak in them, even you! It just takes the right people and the right time which brings out the little devil in you. And it’s all fun and games, that is, until someone gets a little too carried away and the prank becomes bullying.

But that’s okay! Thanks to BemeThis, you have a wide array of hilarious, but also safe pranks which you can execute. These ideas will take the prankster and the victim on a laughing trip, and they will remember these events till the days to come!


Rainbow colours on the wind screen

Just ruined the oreo's....

Please do and video it!!

Make a creepy crawly insect lamp


Shrimp scented air freshener prank

Airhorn as a door wall protector

Look what I found shopping

Leave this in someone's bathroom who is even afraid of his/her own shadow

Creepy but funny

An infinite loop of shopping carts around somebody's car

Now the soap isn't effective and will make you sticky GENIUS

Now that looks fun

Make a faux milk spill out of craft glue and place it on someone’s laptop

Put googly eyes on every item in someone’s fridge.

Caramel onion prank, thats just cruel

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