Her Self-Deprecating Sense of Humour Will Make You Laugh


It is easy to laugh on others by making fun of them; but making fun of yourself to make others laugh truly requires a special kind of courage. Celestabarbar is an Instagram comedian who is not scared of self-depreciating humor.  She is an Australian Standup comedian who is quite popular on Instagram with more than 4.2 million followers on her Instagram page. She is also a trained actor and a proud mother of 4.  She has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. 


You may have seen her in the film “ Burke and Wills”. In this post we have collected some of her awesome photos that amassed her so much fame online. You can learn more about her work here: Instagram | Website| Facebook| Twitter

  1. 1 Trying out the wind swept look...

  2. 2 When your mates had a few drinks and wants to do your makeup.

  3. 3 When you're trying to be sexy but your hot husband gets scared and calls the police.

  4. 4 Perspective.


  5. 5 When you fall over and people see it as a photo op.

  6. 6 It's time to cut loose on your local arts and crafts store because SIA IS COMING TO TOWN!

  7. 7 How rich people workshop Coachella outfits.

  8. 8 The basis of any good relationship- trust.

  9. 9 The weekly shop.

  10. 10 When you let your husband dress you.

  11. 11 Know your place babe. Know your place.

  12. 12 Find a mirror you guys and get into it.

  13. 13 Sarah and I used to be dancers, obviously.

  14. 14 Salads are really funny!

  15. 15 If you wanna do this shoot you'll need to do it here, my phones not done charging.

  16. 16 When I was thinking how to celebrate

  17. 17 There's no greater feeling than holding life's most precious gifts.

  18. 18 Nothing will be ok ever again!!!!

  19. 19 Nailed it!

  20. 20 Just getting a few last waves in before throwing around some gags at

  21. 21 When you're determined to be the last one at the party.


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