30 Photos of Harsh Winter Conditions That Will Make You Feel Cold


Winters can seriously become an ordeal in some parts of the world. Roads become blocked due to heaps and heaps of snow and it becomes seriously difficult to even step out of one’s own house. Anything and everything that is even accidentally left out of the house freezes. 

In this post we have listed up photos from such places. You’ll start to feel chilly just by looking at these photos! 


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Do you know anyone who lives in a cold place like that? Share this post with them to let them know that you’re thinking about them!

  1. 1 Perfect eye makeup

  2. 2 Straight outta ice age

  3. 3 Noodle soup anyone?

  4. 4 Beard game too strong


  5. 5 You've gotta take a dump and this is the situation of the toilet. What would you do?

  6. 6 Siberia experiencing -70F cold (62C)

  7. 7 We set the path for you all. Thank us later!

  8. 8 Kingdom of ice

  9. 9 Dedication on display for Buffalo Bills fans

  10. 10 Cold Coffee done right

  11. 11 “I drilled a hole in the ice and returned 15 minutes later.”

  12. 12 Bored? Let's go skiing across town

  13. 13 The perfect bathing destination

  14. 14 Nature's the perfect decorator

  15. 15 This chair was laying down in the yard during last nights ice storm

  16. 16 Where the hell is Santa?

  17. 17 My Jaguar hood ornament has ice fur

  18. 18 Deflating balloons leave a frozen husk of their former state

  19. 19 So windy the birdbath froze in a wave...

  20. 20 When snow melted and flash froze down a mountain somewhere in Russia, a photographer captured this impressive natural phenomenon.

  21. 21 Should have made better parking choices

  22. 22 Putting in the extra hours before going to work

  23. 23 Not impressed

  24. 24 It’s so cold in Minnesota that even ghosts started wearing pants

  25. 25 Guess we're not going to work on wheels today

  26. 26 Baby's day out

  27. 27 Full body knitted suit for those harsh winter mornings

  28. 28 We just hope he dug out the right car...

  29. 29 Christmas decoration for free

  30. 30 The sign you all wanna see in the morning


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