30 Sights That Will Make You Wonder What The People Involved Were Thinking


Sometimes people do stupid, senseless things. One look at them forces you to question their rationality. From some people, the eccentric adventures of these people are strokes of creative genius for other skeptics like us it is pure stupidity.

In this post we have listed up hilarious photos showing all sorts of weird stuff being done by people falling in the category described above.


Some of these photos are seriously hilarious, you’ll definitely be laughing out loud by the time you finish the list.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 We found love in a hopeless place.

  2. 2 Barbie boat?

  3. 3 Who is a booty fan over here !

  4. 4 Still wondering what does he wanna do .


  5. 5 If the shoe fits...

  6. 6 Twining in a fashion show.

  7. 7 That chameleon wanted to camouflage but couldn't find the right color .

  8. 8 Granny having fun .

  9. 9 When you want to party on a strike day .

  10. 10 Making sure the donuts is safe

  11. 11 Anaconda helps her to find free space in subway.

  12. 12 When its late bring the toast with you.

  13. 13 Newton who?

  14. 14 Now what is that an another avenger ?

  15. 15 Gate to another dimension.

  16. 16 she wanted a onion instead of a stuffed bear so i won an onion for her.

  17. 17 Call of duty.

  18. 18 Catching em all...

  19. 19 My dad just sent me this image he took while in China

  20. 20 Her dad did the hair today for the school.

  21. 21 Mr Bean's new car?

  22. 22 Escorting in style.

  23. 23 That's how single person's life looks like

  24. 24 Give me that "If Dubstep were a haircut" look.

  25. 25 Why I hate to take the subway!

  26. 26 When your interview is on Skype.

  27. 27 He wants that sofa to be in cinema.

  28. 28 His best friend is the GOAT.

  29. 29 Helping him to escape ?

  30. 30 Is his rest of body is in that log ?

  31. 31 He left some of it for his brother .

  32. 32 When subway is your home.

  33. 33 Master chef is here .

  34. 34 No one leaves until this penguin allows.

  35. 35 What do you call half human half bear Beuman ?

  36. 36 “So I found my brother sunbathing...”

  37. 37 That goat is helping her out .


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