Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into The Photos Of Famous People


Average Bob is a hilarious Photoshop artist from Europe who describes himself as “mediocre dude from Belgium” but has been spotted at red carpet events, picked up by the former President, been best friends with Angelina and Brad and fallen asleep on David Beckham’s shoulder. Surprised much? Well, it’s all because he’s a Photoshop wizard who knows how to put himself in the glamorous life of our celebrities.

Like all us, Robert fantasizes about what it would be like to live among celebrities in our day to day life. Being a digital artist, he expresses his thoughts digitally by editing himself in photos of celebrities. Rob started photo shopping himself with celebrities in 2015 and his hilarious posts are the reason why he has over 168,000 followers, on his Instagram. We’ve covered his hilarious series before, but since then he’s been busy hanging out with more celebrities. So, we have listed some of our favorite photos by Rob. Scroll on peeps and enjoy.


More Info: averagerob | Facebook | Twitter

  1. 1 The couple needed a counselor

  2. 2 Swinging on the chandelier of joy

  3. 3 Rap God got a new pet

  4. 4 The beach party you'll die to go to


  5. 5 Its a love story

  6. 6 Got caught in the lobby

  7. 7 That one annoying kid

  8. 8 Shit is about to go down for the Belgian

  9. 9 Make some space will you?

  10. 10 The shoulder you all wish to rest upon

  11. 11 You can always use extra hands in a quest like this one

  12. 12 Order another bowl of sushi please

  13. 13 Beach dates are the best

  14. 14 She ain't my type

  15. 15 Hanging out with Deadpool

  16. 16 Kids give you a run for the money you know

  17. 17 There you go Mr. Beckham

  18. 18 Who's up for a puppy ride?

  19. 19 He's watching over you

  20. 20 2 men walk into a bar

  21. 21 I wanna be part of the gang

  22. 22 We've got a new member in the family

  23. 23 Logan is the one to be blamed for this

  24. 24 Easy solution

  25. 25 The most famous man in all of Britain

  26. 26 Because Rihana loves to Work, work, work...

  27. 27 Batman vs Superman vs Man

  28. 28 Photobombing in summer fashion

  29. 29 Countryside adventures are crazy

  30. 30 Straight into the jaws

  31. 31 Get me some toilet paper honey


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