Guy Amusingly Photoshops Himself Having Fun With Disney Characters


If you are into Disney then there’s a high probability that you may have come across Luigi kemo’s work while scrolling through your Instagram feed. He recently became quite famous among thousands of Disney fans due to his photo montages where he inserts Disney characters into real life.

Luigi Kemo Volo is an Italian graphic designer, illustrator, and avid Disney fan who took his passion for Disney to a whole new level. You’ll find him walking on the shore with Lilo and Stitch, getting entangled in Rapunzel’s Hair, doing hilarious pranks with sleeping beauty or taking a dip with Baloo, sounds amazing right? But, you’ll be shocked to hear that Kemo found his creative desires difficult to fulfill due to financial constraints. He started off as a full-time bartender. In 2002, he took up street art and also worked as a writer. He returned back to photography in 2012 and became a freelance illustrator in 2014. Scroll on to see the magic of his incredible work that we have listed below and enjoy peeps!


More info: kemo.illustrator/Facebook | Instagram



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