20+ Girls Who Have Uncanny Resemblance to the Male Celebrities


Today once you get off your phone or laptop, spend a few moments in front of the mirror. It is quite possible that you may look like a celebrity of the opposite gender.  You think I’m kidding? Hear me out here!

In this post, we have listed 20 photos of women who are shockingly similar to male celebrities. It almost seems like they’re from the same family, but are they? Could they be doppelgangers just in the opposite gender? Possibilities are endless.


Heck, you might even look like a celebrity yourself so don’t forget to scrutinize yourself in the mirror today!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 That awkward moment when you look like a butt-head

  2. 2 Taylor Lautner

  3. 3 Joseph Gordon Levitt

  4. 4 This lovely young woman could almost pass as Justin Bieber


  5. 5 Brendan Fraser

  6. 6 Ted Cruz...ladies and gentlemen!

  7. 7 Oliver Platt

  8. 8 Harry Styles

  9. 9 Jabba the Hutt

  10. 10 This one is for the Gryffindors

  11. 11 Owen Wilson

  12. 12 Ted Cruz

  13. 13 Ellen DeGeneres and Owen Wilson

  14. 14 Daniel Day Lewis

  15. 15 Tom Hiddleston

  16. 16 Conan O'Brien

  17. 17 Ansel Elgort

  18. 18 Willem Dafoe

  19. 19 George Washington

  20. 20

  21. 21 Victoria Beckham looks alot like Tom Hanks

  22. 22 Another girl who looks exactly like Hary Styles


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