Artist Couple Share Their Struggles of Getting Pregnant


If you’re one of our regular readers, you must have seen Yehuda Devir pop up from time to time. Yehuda is a talented illustrator who uses his art-works to predict everyday life with his wife. The realistic and humorous art works are relatable for all couples.

Recently Yehuda shared illustrations of an important journey for him and his wife depicting the common struggles and routines that the couple went through in the pursuit of pregnancy. The series depicts both the joys and the hardships of trying to conceive life. The illustrations show the depth of their love and admiration for each other, and how they managed to work through a hard time to create something beautiful.

We have listed some of our favorite pregnancy illustrations by Yehuda in this post. You can learn more about his work on the following links:

Instagram | Patreon | Facebook | Youtube

  1. 1 I think she's ready!!

  2. 2 Ovulation Operation

  3. 3 That Art of Seduction

  4. 4 The Period!!


  5. 5 Baby Potion!!

  6. 6 We're pregnant!!!!

  7. 7 I picked the most beautiful flower in the garden!

    Yehuda and his wife have built a beautiful life together and they share glimpses of their life with their followers through hilarious comic illustrations. People admire Yehuda's artwork because it shows relationships in hilariously crude form. 

    Scroll down for some of our favorites

  8. 8 Holiday leftovers...

  9. 9 Sweet dreams..

  10. 10 Let's take a selfie!

  11. 11 Tel-Aviv beach...

  12. 12 We bought elliptical

  13. 13 Happy Anniversary my love!!!

  14. 14 When she has "nothing to wear"...

  15. 15 Her hair is everywhere!

  16. 16 Everything I can do she can do [it] better!

  17. 17 A walk in the park..

  18. 18 The sound of silence

  19. 19 Knocking on heavens door

  20. 20 Love hurts!

    You can check out Yehuda's complete collection on the following links: Instagram | Patreon | Facebook | Youtube


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