30+ People that got the Worst Tattoos EVER…


Tattoos have been around for centuries, and they’ve evolved from being the symbols of thugs, convicts, and rebels to becoming an art form.

A tattoo isn’t just ink on skin, it’s a symbol representing something important to the person that gets the tattoo. Sometimes these symbols are captivating and meaningful, and sometimes they’re absolutely absurd. Tattoos vary from person to person.


We’ve shown you good tattoos a number of times, today we’re focusing on the bad ones. Listed up in this post are photos of the worst tattoos that were ever made.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When your man's always keeping an eye on you

  2. 2 Who's the biggest McDonald fan you know?

  3. 3 It's a two way string

  4. 4 Hey there mate!


  5. 5 Explore the hidden treasure

  6. 6 Hope you don't mind some pubes ...

  7. 7 Challenging Jesus the Kitty way

  8. 8 Don't worry, it's get better

  9. 9 He Literally touched so many...

  10. 10 Put an "H" at the end and save yourself from the misery

  11. 11 Interesting choice of words

  12. 12 How loyal is your girl? She has loyalty all over her face!

  13. 13 My snacking rules

  14. 14 Father vs Dad. The real debate.

  15. 15 Need them wild wings

  16. 16 For the 3th time

  17. 17 Marilyn must have turned in her grave

  18. 18 Proud of the drunk mistake

  19. 19 This is the most abstract tattoo you'll ever see

  20. 20 OMG What happened to Humpty

  21. 21 I'm a Rolls Royce

  22. 22 Sick of losing my specs all the time

  23. 23 Better than your iPhone XS

  24. 24 Mama doesn't look very cheerful...

  25. 25 Are you sure that's not an arm sleeve?

  26. 26 Ever wondered what jobless people do at home? Stuff like this!

  27. 27 Cream deposits

  28. 28 Hot Dog cravings alert

  29. 29 He's watching you

  30. 30 This Tiger (if this is one) needs to see the eye specialist ASAP

  31. 31 Peter Pan is gonna chose his own gender now

  32. 32 When Tazz gets horny

  33. 33 Pretty sure he drew this tattoo himself

  34. 34 I hope God gave Jesus dental coverage

  35. 35 Princess Tupac

  36. 36 When you see your best friend at a traffic signal

  37. 37 Sunday Morning hangover got me like

  38. 38 Guess how old is Chloe?

  39. 39 Traveling tip if you love Turkey Sandwich

  40. 40 That head is immortal

  41. 41 The perfect/instant reminder

  42. 42 Even Chucky would be scared of this art

  43. 43 The Scorpion King

  44. 44 She knows all the tricks


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