30+ Who Wore It Better Photos and Things That Totally Look Alike


“Who wore it better” is a trend that has become a popular genre of funny photos online. “Who wore it better” photos show people and celebrities looking like logos, objects and ordinary things. These photos can be absolutely hilarious if they are executed properly.

In this post we have listed up more than 30 photos of things that look highly similar to celebrities and celebrities’ outfits.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 When you see a 3D movie for the first time

  2. 2 The weekend is the clear loser here

  3. 3 I don't need no jewellery

  4. 4 Uni-sexual clothing be like


  5. 5 Noodle hair

  6. 6 The Mask ain't got nothing on the queen

  7. 7 That pipe is a game changer

  8. 8 Thanos, is that you?

  9. 9 Suits Rihana more

  10. 10 The dead man rising

  11. 11 Kim needs to stop growing

  12. 12 Guess who "cracked" the code

  13. 13 Cara vs The Pope

  14. 14 Who's the better Martian?

  15. 15 Both are yummy candies

  16. 16 My grade 1 class teacher did it better

  17. 17 Curly fries for the win

  18. 18 Not you Miley

  19. 19 When you can't decide on what to wear

  20. 20 The same amount of fake breasts in both photos

  21. 21 We all know who's the better dancer though

  22. 22 Paul Pogba, is that you?

  23. 23 As sweet as an ice lolly

  24. 24 You wanna know how I got these scars?

  25. 25 My wisdom tooth just came to life

  26. 26 Look for the patterns

  27. 27 Always wondered how this hairstyle was discovered

  28. 28 Nicki's inspiration

  29. 29 The Roasted chicken pose

  30. 30 When you could be anything so you become a makeup brush

  31. 31 Hair styling done right

  32. 32 First name Snoop, last name Dog

  33. 33 The Italian Stallion has done it again!

  34. 34 Road Safety first

  35. 35 The perfect Avocado


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