23 of The Most Funny and Awkward Wedding Photoshoots


For most people, their wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in their life. Most people celebrate it by presenting their best selves forward. They’ll invest heavily on their big day to create the memories that they can cherish for a long time. Of course everyone’s idea of a good wedding is different. Most of us are perfectly happy to walk down the aisle and start our lives in the conventional manner. However there are some who do not like the boundaries of society. 


They create their own cultures and traditions. They make their own memories by following what is right to them even if it defies the standards of society. Their weddings are hilarious no doubt, but they’re also beautiful. Listed in this post are pictures from funny photoshoots of different weddings by free spirited souls:

  1. 1 Vegans or meat lovers? What sorcery is this?!

  2. 2 I'll be granting your wishes from now on

  3. 3 Can't figure if she's happy or sad..

  4. 4 Getting down to business straight away


  5. 5 Hunger games, wedding addition

  6. 6 This photo totally reflects his future life

  7. 7 They just needed attention on their big day

  8. 8 Please let me go!

  9. 9 That's a bold wedding dress

  10. 10 Daddy's a superhero

  11. 11 When your superman can't fly but still comes to save you

  12. 12 The wedding guests aren’t going to appreciate this!

  13. 13 I hope their love has the required strength

  14. 14 They're "Logging in" to their married life

  15. 15 Four-legged bride leading the train

  16. 16 The view is great from up here!

  17. 17 Digging your nails into your husbands b*tt doesn’t seem fun, but hey if it works for you.

  18. 18 How to make sure your man stays

  19. 19 What a fruity wedding

  20. 20 When you accidentally marry a black belt

  21. 21 They need a Honeymoon trip to the dentist's clinic

  22. 22 How a Groom's friends get treated after his wedding

  23. 23 When you're both WWE fans


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