20+ Funny Valentines Day Food Puns That are Spot On


Admit it! You can’t resist sassy food puns. Otherwise why would you be on this page instead of pre-planning your valentine’s Day? Relax, the truth is that no one can really not like food puns. The ones that pretend to be too cool for food puns are actually faking their reactions, deep down they love em too!

Food puns are absolutely adorable. They’re just the right mix of cheesy romance and witty humor.


In this post we have listed up over 20 photos of hilarious valentine’s day food puns. Enjoy them peeps, and don’t forget to share these with your partners!

  1. 1 I donut wanna be on my own

  2. 2 Going nuts over you

  3. 3 I'd be really a-maize-ed

  4. 4 We're equally cool


  5. 5 Melting just like cheese for ya

  6. 6 A Britishers way to romance

  7. 7 Grater than all others

  8. 8 I beg you

  9. 9 More than wanting you, I really knead you

  10. 10 Batter than the best

  11. 11 How matcha?

  12. 12 The pear everyone would look at

  13. 13 Give me smore love

  14. 14 Say hello to my butter half

  15. 15 How much do you love me?

  16. 16 How do I make you feel?

  17. 17 Hotter than spice

  18. 18 Wanna have a pizza me?

  19. 19 Check out the hot tea!

  20. 20 I would take a bullet PHO you

  21. 21 You make my life butter

  22. 22 The perfect type

  23. 23 Can I get a roll in your life?

  24. 24 My kinda jam

  25. 25 Are you soy into me?

  26. 26 Bean for a bean

  27. 27 So where is this going?

  28. 28 How do I make you feel?

  29. 29 You butter believe what I tell you

  30. 30 Geddit?!


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